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Endodontists are dentists with special training specific to root canal procedures. Endodontists have experience diagnosing and treating the infections in teeth. These specialized dentists save teeth that might otherwise be extracted. Most commonly, an endodontist in Glenview will perform root canal procedures.

What is a Root Canal?

There are four main components to a tooth. The outer shell around the tooth is called the enamel. Below the enamel lies the dentin. The dentin is what most of the tooth is made of. Similar to the dentin, the next layer is cementum. This is a coating that surrounds the root of the tooth and is much softer than the dentin. Finally, at the center of the tooth is its pulp, or nerve. This is responsible for carrying nutrients and blood flow to the teeth. However, this can get infected from time to time. When the pulp of a tooth gets infected, a procedure called a root canal can be done to correct it. An endodontist will remove the inflamed or infected pulp tissue from the inside of the tooth.

Why Get a Root Canal?

As bacteria enter and infect the pulp of the tooth, they begin to spread and cause destruction throughout both the pulp and the canal system. If a root canal procedure is not performed, the bacterial infection can spread to other parts of the mouth and infect the bone surrounding the tooth. If it gets bad enough, the infection can lead to tooth loss.

Signs You Should Contact An Endodontist

You may need to contact an endodontist if you notice any of the following signs or symptoms.

  • Sensitivity to pressure on a tooth
  • Sensitivity to different temperatures
  • Constant or sporadic dental pain
  • Swelling of the gum, jaw, or face

Sometimes, however, there are no symptoms of an infected tooth. Your dentist may notice signs during a check up, so it’s important to regularly visit your dentist to monitor your teeth. The best way to determine if you need a root canal is to consult an endodontist.

Endodontist in Glenview, IL

If you are a resident of Glenview, IL or the surrounding area and suspect you may need a root canal, call the Dental Specialists of South Loop & North Shore. Our expert endodontists will evaluate the cause of your pain and recommend the best procedure possible. To contact one of our conveniently located offices, click on the “Contact Us” tab at the top of this page.

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