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There will be occasions when a simple root canal procedure cannot save your tooth. In these instances, an endodontist may recommend you have surgery to correct the issues you are facing. The use of endodontic microsurgeries can identify small fractures and canals that went unnoticed during routine x-rays. This type of surgery will also be used to remove harmful calcium buildup in your root canals or even to prevent further damage to the bone around the affected tooth. During this type of oral surgery, the endodontist will use a variety of digital imaging tools to ensure the procedure is performed quickly and efficiently.

Becoming Familiar With Apicoectomy Endodontic Microsurgery

Most people outside of the endodontic industry are unfamiliar with the various techniques used to save damaged teeth. An apicoectomy is basically a root resection. This procedure is performed when there is infection or inflammation around the bone where your initial root canal was performed. During these types of endodontic microsurgeries, the endodontist will remove gum tissue near the affected tooth.

They will remove any tissue that is viewed as damaged or inflamed. They will also remove the end of the tooth root to prevent further issues from occurring. Once this procedure is done, the endodontist will place a filling over the spot where the root was removed. Over time, the bone will grow around this area. Generally, the endodontist will administer a local anesthetic to ensure you are comfortable during this procedure.

Instances Where You May Need Endodontic Microsurgery

If you are like most patients, you are curious about why you would need endodontic microsurgeries. This type of surgery is generally used to save a tooth. If there is a serious amount of dental discomfort but the x-rays aren’t showing anything, the endodontist may use this types of surgery to find and address your issue. When your tooth has a small fracture, or there are problems with a root canal, your endodontist will want to see the whole root. This is only possible via these types of microsurgeries.

Calcium deposits that build up around the canal of a tooth can be problematic. Often, the tools dental professionals use will not be narrow enough to reach this buildup. When calcification has become a problem, an endodontist may decide endodontic microsurgeries are the best option to fix these issues. Once they have cleaned the calcified material from the root canal, an endodontist will seal off the root to prevent further issues.

There may also be a need for these procedures if there is damage to the root surface or the surrounding bone. While there are a variety of endodontic microsurgeries used to save a tooth from damage, the apicoectomy is among the most commonly used. Instead of letting the pain and discomfort common with root inflammation go untreated, ask your endodontist about this type of procedure and whether it can be used for your particular situation.

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