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Periodontal Disease and Professional Referrals

Managing and eliminating periodontal disease requires coordinating a team effort. Once a patient is diagnosed, the dentist works with the hygienists to ensure the perio therapy treatment goes smoothly and stems the disease process. This scenario, however, may be incomplete if the patient has moderate to severe periodontitis. Without specialized treatment from the periodontist, many patients will suffer from chronic and systemic infection, disease progression, and tooth loss.

When to Refer

While mild to moderate cases are often managed successfully in the general practice with an organized plan beginning with diagnosis, and continuing through treatment, re-evaluation, and maintenance, it’s important to realize when it’s necessary to coordinate treatment with a qualified periodontist. To achieve a successful outcome, early consultation often means the availability of more treatment options.

In patients displaying mild disease, when initial conservative treatment efforts do not produce stability, additional treatment is warranted. For the stable patient, it’s important to continue reassessment for signs of disease activity. If signs of disease progression become apparent or improvement is not achieved, it’s time to refer to our periodontist at South Loop Dental Specialists. Lastly, some patients should be referred upon diagnosis if their disease presents in advanced stages.

The Benefit of Working with South Loop Dental Specialists

Creating a successful relationship between the primary dental provider and the periodontist, who share responsibility for patient treatment, requires open communication, a compatible philosophy, and trust. The dentist must be able to trust that the periodontist will provide excellent treatment in a professional and caring manner, communication of treatment and expected outcome to the patient, and that their team will monitor home care compliance as much as possible to maintain a successful outcome.

This is the primary benefit of working with our practice. Periodontists Dr. Olguin and Dr. Sabzehei, and endodontists Dr. Flowers and Dr. Kaushik, strive for excellence while providing the best treatment for their patients. Using innovative and cutting-edge technology, our team is able to offer superior treatment options in a caring and compassionate environment.

Additionally, clear communication is a priority for our periodontist and endodontists in the South Loop. We will ensure our shared patient has a clear understanding of what their treatment plan entails, including home care techniques, as well as expected results.

Reach Out to Our Team Sooner Rather than Later

Because trust is a factor that goes both ways, and building a successful relationship that benefits patients and provides successful outcomes is always our goal, we submit detailed correspondence letters to keep referring doctors abreast of their patient’s status.

Additionally, we encourage primary dental care providers to contact our practice early in the treatment process. Receiving patient referrals in a timely manner is vital to surgical success. Consequently, when open communication exists early on, we feel confident in quickly releasing surgical patients back to the primary provider for monitoring.

Understanding the Periodontist and Endodontist’s Roles

If you decide our South Loop practice is a good fit for your patients, we will work with you to help you improve and maintain your patient’s oral health at every opportunity. Our practitioners are an excellent source of education for diagnostic tips, treatment protocols, and the latest materials.

We understand that dentists, hygienists, and periodontists need to work together for successful treatment to take place. When you place your trust in our team to provide the treatments we do best, we will provide you with all the information and assistance we can throughout the process.

Our goal is to help ensure you have all the guidance you need to provide a consistently excellent hygiene protocol that allows us to feel confident in releasing advanced, stable patients back to your practice for maintenance. Furthermore, we hope to build a referral relationship where any new disease activity will be quickly detected and referred back to our team as needed. When this type of mutual communication exists, patients are provided with the excellent and timely disease intervention and management they deserve.

Convenient Location for Chicago Residents

Our office is located in the South Loop and we service the entire Chicagoland area. Whether your practice is in the heart of Chicago or located in a nearby suburb, Dental Specialists of South Loop may offer the perfect referral partnership for you and your patients. We invite you to reach out to our expert providers with any questions you may have. Call today!

The Benefits Of Referring Patients To Our Practice

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