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Oral Hygiene

While seeing the dentist twice a year is important for your oral hygiene, the daily steps you take to prevent tooth decay and other oral diseases are just as imperative to your health. Everyone knows that you should brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss once a day. However, there are many that do not, and if they do, they are not necessarily brushing or flossing correctly.

Oral Hygiene

Brushing Your Teeth

Did you know that there is a certain way to brush your teeth to ensure optimal oral health? Aside from brushing twice a day, you will want to follow specific guidelines on brushing, and know the best times of the day to brush your teeth. With a manual toothbrush, you will want to use gentle, circular strokes along the outer surfaces of your teeth. Once this is complete, you will want to do the same for the inner surfaces. Changing the position of your brush as need be, you will want to focus on your back teeth, as this is where there is the most plaque build-up from food, and it is the hardest to reach area.


You may be a pro at brushing, and make sure to brush twice a day, but dentists see floss neglect at many appointments. Flossing is very important to your oral hygiene, as it can prevent periodontal disease and plaque build-up. The proper technique involves a long piece of floss and a back-and-forth motion. Don’t snap the floss; instead, move the floss along the tooth, remembering that there are two sides that you need to cover. Continue onto fresh floss as you are flossing. Read more about the best flossing practices here.

Oral Hygiene Tips

After brushing and/or flossing, it is important to rinse out your mouth with water. Mouthwash can be recommended, particularly for those with sensitive teeth. If you do have sensitive teeth, our staff can recommend toothpaste or a mouth rinse that will help. Most electronic toothbrushes are safe for many users, but you will still need to floss!

In general, you will want to limit your intake of sugary food and drinks. Additionally, foods that are acidic and drinks such as coffee and red wine can do damage to your teeth. Obviously, these foods aren’t completely avoidable, but to promote your oral hygiene, try to brush your teeth a half an hour after consuming or drinking these tooth decay culprits.

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