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Replacing Missing Teeth

The Value of Teeth

A full, bright smile is more than just attractive, it is a staple of good hygiene and health. Living with missing teeth can affect the beauty of your smile as well as your mood and self confidence. A missing tooth, or several gaps in a row of teeth, can also cause significant damage to your dental health.

We use our teeth every day to eat and speak, and if one or more are missing it can lead to pain, chewing difficulties, bite misalignment, and/or premature deterioration of other teeth and bone. The best way to prevent these conditions is by taking advantage of tooth replacement.

Tooth Replacements and Procedures

There are numerous options available to patients interested in tooth replacement. The best choice for you will depend on what is most comfortable and what will best fix your current situation.

For people who are missing just one or two teeth, they often choose between a few different treatments. For example, a fixed bridge is a strip of fabricated teeth that is placed on top of the permanent teeth which stand beside the empty space. This bridge covers both the healthy teeth, and the gap between them with faux teeth.

Replacing Missing Teeth Dental Bridge

A flipper is a false tooth that can be inserted and taken out at the patient’s leisure. It is a plastic tooth that fits into the crevice where the original tooth used to be, via a plastic retainer.

Replacing Missing Teeth Flipper

Dental implants, where a false tooth and a root implant are fixed into the gap, are a great permanent fix for missing teeth.

Replacing Missing Teeth Dental Implant

Multiple dental implants are also an available option. However, dentures and partial dentures are more common for patients missing multiple teeth, sometimes even entire rows. Partial dentures are typically held in place by wire clips. For the patient’s convenience and comfort, both complete dentures and partials can be made so they may be inserted and removed at will.

Replacing Missing Teeth Denture

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When you are dealing with missing teeth, it can impact your daily life significantly. There is no reason to suffer with the pain, discomfort, self consciousness, or other negative consequences.

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