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Sinus Augmentation

What Are Sinuses?

You will find the maxillary sinuses located along the top of your upper teeth and behind your cheeks. Sinuses are air-filled spaces that are otherwise empty. The roots of some of your upper teeth extend into this space. However, when the upper teeth are no longer there, only a thin wall of bone separates your sinuses from your mouth. Because dental implants require solid bone to keep them stable, implants may not be an option in this area when the wall is extremely thin.

The Sinus Augmentation Procedure:

In order for your dental implants to be successful, your dentist needs to evaluate the quantity of jawbone and its density. If you suffer from bone loss because of an injury, illness or periodontal disease, we may be able to perform sinus augmentation to raise the floor of the sinus and promote the growth of new bone.

During this procedure, we will make a small incision in the molar or premolar region to access the jawbone. Access is made to the lateral (side) wall of the sinuses. Bone-grafting material will be inserted into the space beneath the incision. These materials are typically extracted either from your own body or a donor. In some situations, synthetic materials may be used. Once the bone graft is in place, we will close the area and allow time for healing. After the mouth is completely healed, the bone becomes a permanent part of the jaw, allowing for the placement of a stable dental implant.

If there’s enough bone located between the bottom of the sinus cavity and the upper jaw, we can sometimes perform augmentation and implant surgery at the same time. However, if there is not enough bone present, the augmentation procedure will be performed first and allowed to heal. This can take several months, depending on the material used. After the graft matures, we will place the implants.

This grafting process allows many patients who couldn’t otherwise get implants to enjoy the benefits of dental implants so they don’t have to deal with loose dentures.

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