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Root canals are common dental procedures millions of Americans get done each year. Our team of endodontics are able to perform a root canal for Hyde Park, IL, residents in order to prevent further discomfort and tooth pain. This procedure is typically necessary when the dental pulp of a tooth is damaged. To perform this process, our dental team will remove the inner pulp to preserve the tooth and prevent the need for extraction. If left untreated, chronic pain and discomfort may occur as the tooth’s nerve deteriorates below the gum’s surfaces.

Root canals are often preferred over extractions for a number of reasons. In a tooth extraction, the patient generally has trouble with eating, speaking and other oral functions as a result. However, getting a root canal in Hyde Park, IL, alleviates these long-term discomforts so you can enjoy a healthy mouth that serves its functions well.

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Regular dental check ups to ensure your teeth are healthy is important. For residents living near the Hyde Park area, our team of endodontics are readily available to sit down and review your oral health to see if a root canal is necessary to treat your concerned areas. With our team of warm and friendly specialists available to cater to your dental needs, you can be ensured your teeth will be handled with the utmost care.

If you are struggling with chronic tooth pains, make an appointment at our Hyde Park office today. Our team of experienced specialists is here to help alleviate your toothaches.

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