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Periodontists are dentists with special training that focuses on diagnosing and treating periodontal diseases and replacing missing teeth with dental implants. Periodontal diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis are bacterial infections that compromise the gums, bone and tissue surrounding the teeth. Signs of these diseases may include red or swollen gums, bleeding gums, sensitivity to temperature changes, receding gums, loose teeth or spontaneous tooth loss. If you are experiencing any of these signs or symptoms, you should contact our office to schedule an appointment with a periodontist as soon as possible.

How To Choose A Periodontist in Chicago

Your oral health is among your top priorities as it is allows one to adequately take in proper nutrition, smile and speak. Finding a provider to take care of your oral health is a big decision. Most patients base their decision on the dental professionals’ experience, reputation, and compassion. Board-certified periodontist have undergone a strenuous written exam and subsequent oral examination provided by leaders of the field to assess medical knowledge and clinical judgment.


Picking a periodontist with years of experience under their belt will ensure that you are getting the best care possible. A periodontist who has performed a number of procedures over the course of his or her career knows what they are doing and is more likely to perform a successful treatment.


Finding a periodontist with a reputation for excellence will help put your mind at ease. A good reputation means that other patients have had good experiences with the periodontist. Ask friends, family, and search the internet for reviews and testimonials of the periodontists you’re looking into. Google, Yelp, and Facebook are all good places to see reviews of dental professionals.


Often overlooked, compassion is one of the most important things to look for when finding a periodontist. What truly sets apart great dentists from good ones is the compassion that they have for their patients. Dental professionals who exhibit compassion know not only that many people have anxiety about going to the dentist and aim to relieve that anxiety, but understand that the patients in their chairs are people—and that they need to be treated as such. A compassionate periodontist will take his or her time doing a job right, and make sure their patients are comfortable throughout the process.

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Residents of Chicago and the greater Chicago area in need of periodontal care should schedule their appointment as soon as possible with the Dental Specialists of South Loop & North Shore. Please call us to schedule a consultation with our Chicago Periodontist in the South Loop by calling (312) 356-4700 or our Glenview Periodontist in the North Shore by calling (847) 729-5855.

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