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Root canal treatment is painful, it causes illness, and a good alternative to a root canal is extraction. These are three common myths about root canal treatment that we have heard from our patients. A root canal in Glenview doesn’t cause pain or illness, it relieves it. Here at the Dental Specialist of South Loop & North Shore, we want you to have an accurate understanding of what a root canal in Glenview could do for you and clear up any misconceptions you may have heard.

Root Canal Treatment Relieves Your Pain

The perception that a root canal in Glenview actually causes pain began decades ago. Today, with modern technology and anesthetics, root canal treatment is no more uncomfortable than having a filling. According to the American Association of Endodontists, a recent study showed that patients who have experienced root canal treatment are six times more likely to describe it as “painless” than patients who have not had root canal treatment. When you are experiencing a severe toothache it is important that visit the Dental Specialists of South Loop & North Shore. A toothache can be caused by damaged tissues in your tooth. A root canal in Glenview can remove the damaged tissue from the tooth, thereby relieving the pain you are experiencing.

Root Canal Treatment Does NOT Cause Illness

Today, when patients are told they will need to undergo a certain type of medical treatment, they had to the internet to research the treatment they will be receiving. Patients who are searching for information on root canals may find websites that will claim that teeth receiving a root canal contribute to the occurrence of illness and disease in the body. According to the American Association of Endodontists, this claim is based on poorly designed research performed nearly a century ago, at a time before medicine understood the causes of many diseases. There is no valid evidence linking root canal-treated teeth and disease elsewhere in the body. A root canal in Glenview is a safe and effective procedure.

Saving Your Natural Teeth Is The Best Option

Extracting a damaged tooth is never a good alternative to saving your natural teeth. Nothing can replace a natural tooth. Artificial teeth can sometimes even cause you to avoid eating certain foods. In order to continue to enjoy the foods you normally consume, it is important that you keep your natural teeth. Root canal treatment in Glenview is a cost-effective way to treat teeth with damaged pulp and is typically less expensive than extraction and placement of an implant.

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