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All About Cracked Teeth

Published on June 22nd, 2020

Many people find the idea alone of cracking one of their teeth quite distressing, and rightfully so! But even with cracked teeth, there are varying levels of damage, pain, and overall severity. It’s important to make note of even minor tooth sensitivity; in some cases, this is the only symptom of a cracked tooth. Today, we will look at the facts about cracked teeth that you need to know, including how to prevent them.

Common Causes of Cracked Teeth

There are many possible reasons why a tooth might crack, including (but not limited to):

  • History of clenching or grinding teeth
  • Temperature changes. Your teeth may crack when exposed to abrupt temperature changes, such as from eating ice cream to drinking hot tea.
  • Blows to the mouth. Sporting injuries, falls, and car crashes can quickly and violently crack one’s tooth.
  • Dental decay. In some cases, very advanced cavities can cause the tooth to become so brittle that it cracks.

Failed restorations. Large fillings may weaken the tooth and cause it to crack.

Preventing Cracked Teeth

It’s important to understand the composition of your tooth. Your tooth has layers; the enamel is the white, outermost layer. Enamel is harder than bone, but it still needs to be cared for and protected. Acidic foods, tooth grinding, and clenching of teeth can wear down your enamel and expose the vulnerable interior of your tooth to cracks and decay. Chewing your food carefully and avoiding eating hard, crunchy foods such as ice or stale bread can help you avoid cracking your tooth. Wearing an appropriate mouthguard for sports activities can greatly reduce your risk of dental injury.

Treatment for Cracked Teeth Near Glenview

If you’ve recently suffered a cracked tooth, contact the South Loop Dental Specialists for help. We provide high-quality endodontics and periodontics to the Chicago area, including treatment for cracked teeth in Glenview, the North Shore, Glenview, and Hyde Park.

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