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What to Expect from Cosmetic Gum Surgery

Published on July 27th, 2020

If you are unhappy with your smile because your gums appear too low or too high in relation to your teeth, you may be a candidate for periodontal plastic surgery, also referred to as gum contouring, tissue sculpting, esthetic crown lengthening, or gum reshaping. Cosmetic periodontal surgery in Chicago can provide the smile you always wanted by raising, lowering, or evening out your gum line.

This is considered a cosmetic procedure because most of the time it is not medically necessary. However, some patients undergo gum contouring surgery along with other procedures as part of necessary periodontal treatment.

What to Expect

When you choose cosmetic periodontal surgery in Chicago, it will be performed in the dentist’s office. There are various techniques used to perform cosmetic gum surgery, including lasers and radiosurgery. Your surgeon will discuss the various techniques with you, as well as suggest the most suitable for your situation. Prior to the surgery, your doctor will go over what he or she will be doing during the procedure.

Measurements are taken prior to the start of the procedure to determine the desired gum line. This will allow you to see exactly how the gum line will be reshaped. A local anesthetic will often be applied, and occasionally, some bone will need to be removed to achieve the best, long-term results. For anxious patients, intravenous sedation can be employed to help relax them.

The Recovery Process

Your doctor will provide specific directions as to what you need to do to aid the recovery process so you can achieve the best results. Some general advice includes resting and limiting your activities on the day of surgery, and easing pain by taking an over-the-counter and/or prescription pain reliever. Avoid spicy foods and anything sharp or containing seeds until your gums have healed completely. Eat cool, soft foods for the first few days after surgery.

Follow your doctor’s recommendations on how and when to brush your teeth during the healing process. If you experience excessive bleeding or swelling, or if you have any questions or concerns, call your dentist right away.

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