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Benefits of the Microscope

Published on October 18th, 2017

Each industry sees trends that come one day and are gone the next. Industries also see innovations that completely reshape the way things are done forever. Sitting on the fence undecided when these beneficial innovations come along results in less than optimal patient treatment. Surgical microscopes are an innovation that has reshaped endodontic microsurgery for the better.

To give our patients the very best care, the Dental Specialists of South Loop have invested in the highest quality of surgical microscopes. Learn more about the benefits of the microscope in regards to dental procedures here:

  1. Increased Illumination

Microscopes today use either halogen, xenon, or LED lighting. The light flooding from these microscopes lights areas of the mouth that can be difficult to see. Endodontists rely on being able to see tiny details to effectively treat their patient. The light from the scope illuminates the mouth without bulky equipment that interferes with the dentist’s work.

  1. Greater Magnification

The level of magnification provided by cutting-edge surgical microscopes is a huge boost for endodontists. Similar to the benefits of illumination, magnification allows dentists to see things they couldn’t with just the naked eye. This means more precise treatment. Endodontists can be more careful with surrounding structures and treat the issue more conservatively.

  1. Ergonomics

A healthy dentist bodes well for the patient. We often hear of ergonomics for desk workers, but dentists often develop issues with their neck and back when they must twist and bend over a patient. The microscope allows the dentist to sit upright with better posture.

  1. Increased Stamina and Productivity

Improved ergonomics enhance the comfort of a dentist and allow them to work for longer periods of time without getting tired. The enhanced illumination and greater magnification prevent extra movements and work. Additionally, the microscope reduces eye strain.

All these factors lead to a more focused and healthy dentist who is better prepared to treat the patient.

  1. Education

Linking a microscope with a monitor or camera allows dentists to better record what they are doing. These tools can be used for self-improvement or to teach others. The entire staff of dentists learns and grows.

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