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Common Tooth Problems During The Winter

Published on December 14th, 2019

Nothing puts a damper on your plans this winter quite like tooth problems. Even if they’re not that painful, discomfort in your mouth is a constant annoyance. And more serious issues—which might require, for example, a root canal in South Loop—can completely rearrange your winter plans.

As South Loop Dental Specialists, we want to help ensure you enjoy this winter season as best you can. So in this post, we’ll review a few of the most common tooth and oral health problems to look out for this winter.

Tooth Decay

We tend to increase our intake of sugary foods during the winter, which can lead to issues that could require a root canal in South Loop. Fortunately, if you’re vigilant about brushing your teeth and you avoid eating too much sugar, it won’t be too hard to avoid this.

Sensitive Teeth

Low temperatures, especially around Chicago, during the winter mean you’ll be breathing in cold air. Combine breathing in cold air with drinking hot beverages and you may find that your teeth are feeling especially sensitive. To help ease the sensitivity, try a toothpaste that’s meant for sensitive teeth or consult with us for definitive treatment options to cover up exposed roots.

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