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Cosmetic Periodontal Procedures

Published on December 22nd, 2016

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. When you aren’t confident about your smile, know that there are procedures you can turn to! Here at Dental Specialists of South Loop, we offer cosmetic periodontal surgery to help make your smile great. These surgeries include a soft tissue graft, crown lengthening, and more; one or a combination of surgeries are available. When you meet with our periodontist, you will be able to discuss the right option for your smile.

Your Options

As mentioned previously, various procedures fall under the umbrella of cosmetic periodontal surgery. Fortunately, our experienced periodontist will be able to discuss all of them and explain the benefits and risks of each. Depending on your smile and expectations, we’ll help you determine your best course of action. For example, for those with excess gum tissue, crown lengthening could be right for them. On the other hand, sometimes the gum recedes, and a soft tissue graft is perfect for the patient.

Problems We Correct

Cosmetic periodontal surgery is a great option for those that are experiencing gum recession, exposed root surfaces, excess gum tissue, etc. At Dental Specialists, we strive to correct these problems, leading to less health issues as well as a beautiful smile! Health problems that can occur because of these dental concerns include tooth sensitivity, tooth loss, inflammation, tooth decay, and more. Correct these problems with cosmetic periodontal surgery and your mouth will feel much better!

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Don’t wait any longer-the periodontists at Dental Specialists of South Loop are here to help! With a wide range of procedures, and our knowledge and expertise, you’ll be smiling in no time. Schedule your consultation to discuss the options available and your best course of action. We look forward to meeting you!


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