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The Benefits of Dental Implants

Posted on June 10th, 2019 by dsmanage

Missing teeth is a cosmetic concern for many, but with the proper care from an experienced specialist, dental implants in downtown Chicago are nothing to fear. The periodontists at Dental Specialists of South Loop have the expertise in dental implants you will want, and are able to provide all the answers patients may have about […]

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The Life Cycle Of Nutrition And Oral Health

Posted on June 10th, 2019 by dsmanage

Our periodontist office near downtown Chicago knows how important oral health is through all stages of life. Nutrition is key to your health, including oral nutrition because what’s good for your body, is good for your teeth as well.    Pregnancy As a pregnant woman, it’s important to have good maternal nutrition for the development […]

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Root Canals at Dental Specialists

Posted on June 1st, 2019 by dsmanage

As one of the most common oral procedures performed every year, a root canal is nothing to fear. However, as with any dental procedure, you want to make sure that you trust the endodontist performing the treatment. Oftentimes, your regular dentist will refer you to a specialized endodontist when you are in need of a […]

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A Cracked Tooth: More Common Than You Think

Posted on May 24th, 2019 by dsmanage

Do you have pain while you chew food? Do you have a tooth that’s sensitive to hot and cold food? It’s possible you have a cracked tooth. A cracked tooth can happen from many different types of injuries, or just common wear and tear. Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint which tooth is cracked and sometimes […]

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Oral Cancer Awareness Month

Posted on April 15th, 2019 by dsmanage

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, and while many Americans may not be as concerned with oral cancer as they are with other forms of the disease, it can be deadly and should never be taken lightly. Getting a regular dental screening is an excellent form of prevention, and if you’re seeking an endodontist near […]

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