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Root Canal Procedure

Published on January 14th, 2020

If you visit your dentist regularly and make an appointment at the first sign of a toothache, you may never require anything more than a regular dental filling. However, if you don’t prioritize oral care, you have a crown that is failing, or a chipped or cracked tooth, you may need root canal treatment.

When the pulp, tissue within your teeth, becomes damaged, a root canal may be necessary. This procedure will lessen the chance that an extraction will be required. If you live or work near South Loop Dental Specialists in Hyde Park, visit our highly skilled endodontist near downtown Chicago for an evaluation.

Why Not Have the Tooth Extracted?

If it isn’t necessary to extract a damaged tooth, most dental professionals agree that preserving the tooth using a root canal procedure is a better alternative.

Removing the tooth is not necessarily cost effective. The gap may likely need to be closed with an implant, bridge, or partial denture. Without replacements long term issues may include difficulty chewing and excessive strain being placed on the surrounding teeth – not to mention the aesthetics.

The Root Canal – What to Expect

A root canal is a treatment that is performed in one or more sittings by a dentist or endodontist. After proper tooth removal, then the root canal(s) is disinfected to prevent any further decay and to remove the damaged tissue from the canals within the root. The clean canals are then filled with gutta percha to seal the canal space. Often a crown is placed on the root canal treated by a general dentist.

You may be concerned that having a root canal will be a painful undertaking, as people often compare things they hate to “getting a root canal.” Truthfully, the science and art of dentistry has come a long way, and modern advances have made the root canal procedure much easier and more comfortable than in the past.

If you are experiencing tooth pain, give our friendly staff a call. They will help you book an appointment with an experienced endodontist near downtown Chicago, and soon your natural smile will be fully restored.

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