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Published on June 13th, 2019

Many have either a fear of going to the dentist, or are at least anxious about the visit. Whether it is as a result of a bad visit as a child, cultural factors, or general dental anxiety, lots of people fear some aspect of visiting the dentist. However, regular dental checkups are an important part of one’s overall health, and letting a dental issue go unaddressed for too long can have detrimental effects to your entire body, not just your tooth. Thankfully, there are ways to get over that anxiety, such as with sedation dentistry.

Think Of Your Dentist As Your Partner In Health

Your dentist wants your teeth to be healthy, just like you do. They never want to see cavities or a tooth that needs to be extracted. Try to start thinking about him or her as your partner in your overall health. Everyone knows that oral hygiene is important, and that regular dentist visits are part of maintaining oral health. By thinking of your dentist as your partner, rather than opponent, you can lessen the fear you feel about your upcoming visits.

Schedule Your Visits For First Thing In The Morning

Another way to help this fear subside is to avoid scheduling your dental visits for late in the day. When you have the entire day to build up anxiety, it can make you more nervous than normal. Seeing your dentist first thing in the morning, getting the visit out of the way, and getting on with your day, can help you avoid worrying about the visit.

Sedation Dentistry at Dental Specialists

If the above tips don’t help with your nerves when it comes to seeing a dentist, we offer sedation dentistry. With intravenous sedation, we can ensure that your treatment needs are met comfortably, painlessly, and free of any anxiety. For any questions, contact our South Loop office today!

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