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Why Retreatment May be Necessary

Published on March 10th, 2020

When a tooth has been saved using endodontic treatment (a root canal procedure), it is possible for that tooth to last a lifetime without any further problems arising. However, if the tooth doesn’t heal properly, it can become diseased and painful – and this can occur months or even years after treatment.

There are several reasons why your tooth might not heal as expected after the initial treatment. These range from having narrow, curved, or complicated canal anatomy – which can allow a tiny portion of the canal to go undetected; to a delay in the placement of the crown or other restoration – which allows the treated tooth to become contaminated prior to sealing.

New problems which are unrelated to the original treatment may also jeopardize a tooth that was treated successfully. These include a cracked, broken, or loose crown that might expose the root canal filling material to bacteria, new decay that causes a new infection in the tooth, or the treated tooth sustains a fracture.

Second Chances

If you are experiencing pain due to a failed root canal treatment, there is a good chance that the tooth can be saved with endodontic retreatment. A second procedure can alleviate the pain as well as promote proper healing of the tooth.

Retreatment and Periodontitis Treatments in Chicago

In addition to retreatment services, South Loop Dental Specialists provide superior periodontitis care in Chicago. If you have a previously treated tooth causing you pain or discomfort, call to book your appointment and we will help you determine if endodontic retreatment is right for you.

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